My name is Mario and I live in Naples. A couple of months ago, together with my fiancée, I was booking a holiday in Madrid when I noticed that the prices of the flights that departed from Naples were expensive and that there was a stopover in Rome. For this reason, I decided to depart directly from Fiumicino.

I immediately excluded the possibility of reaching the airport by car because I didn’t feel like driving. On the contrary, my fiancée sustained that we would have more freedom by car, but when we saw the parking fees for Rome Fiumicino we suddenly changed our minds!

Finally, we booked a train from Naples to Rome Termini and then another train to the airport. Honestly, it was one of the most exhausting voyages, and when we arrived at Fiumicino we discovered that we still had a long walk in front of us, with all our luggage, to reach the right terminal. We departed already tired after the voyage to the airport.

In Madrid, I discovered while browsing the internet in search of a more suitable solution for the return, that there was a better solution. In fact, I read that there is a bus service between Rome Fiumicino and Naples city center, basically very close to my home! The website was named Fiumicino Express, and when we saw the price we instantly decided to reserve our seats. The tickets costed 5.00 euros per person and the bus departed from the Terminal 3 of Rome Fiumicino, exactly what we needed.

On our way back, when we entered the bus, we had another pleasant surprise. The bus was brand new and the seats, I must say, were really comfortable. I had the feeling that the seat was more spacious compared to the seats of other buses in which I traveled in the past. We also found enough room to store our oversize suitcases.

My fiancée had the battery of her cell phone down and we could easily recharge it because the bus was provided with power outlets especially to recharge the batteries. The time in the bus flew away quickly also because we enjoyed a movie on the tab thanks to the free Wi-Fi.

I can only recommend the buses of Fiumicino Express, we will definitely use them again for future voyages!