If there is a delay or a strike at the airport and I am not able to use my ticket, can I use it for a later journey or do I have to buy a new one?

You can ask for authorisation by calling +39 3913998081 (monday to saturday, 8am to 8pm); you will receive written authorisation via email. At that stage, you can catch the first available bus. Please show the old ticket and the email to the driver.

Where can I buy the tickets?

Tickets can be purchased from our authorised sellers; from the online ticket counter to be found at; they can also be purchased on the bus for an extra fee.

How can I pay for my ticket if I buy it on the bus?

Tickets purchased on the bus have to be paid in cash to the driver.

How many items of luggage can I carry with me free of charge?

The traveller has the right to carry one item of hand luggage (maximum size: 42X30X18 7kg) and two items of hold baggage (maximum size: 67X50X27 cm/30 kg.).

Can I take more items of luggage with me other than those I can carry free of charge?

Yes, if there is room available in the luggage compartment, with the cost of € 5 per extra item.

Can I change my date of departure?

Yes, up until 48 hours from departure

Can I ask for a ticket refund?

Yes, applying for a refund on up until 48 hours before departure, and/or through Whatsapp at + 39 391 3998081, there is a charge of 15,00€ for the person,

What to do if there are problems with the online booking system?

You can contact us by telephone at +39 391 3998081, or send an email to