The ancient company Autoservizi Meridionali Srl created a network of functional connections grouped under the brand Fiumicino Express.

It is to credit the bus fleet, second generation buses equipped with considerable comforts, worthy of a five-star service. The ergonomic seats, the canted ceiling of as much as 210 centimeters, the wider than average passengers area, the spacious luggage compartment, these are the elements that characterize the Fiumicino Express bus fleet.

For the passengers, there is other good news. In fact, the buses are equipped with supplementary power outlets, comfortable for those who have the necessity, more and more frequent nowadays, to recharge a cell phone or a tab that ran out of battery. The passengers of the Fiumicino Express buses can also use the Wi-Fi service, a free of charge service for the customers.

Speaking of the convenience in terms of traveling, it is essential to underline that the buses also connect the cities of Rome Fiumicino and Florence. The most important characteristic is that the buses depart directly from the Terminal 3 of Fiumicino, the travelers avoiding in this way the change of trains or stations and the long walks in the airport. Therefore, for those who arrive at Rome Fiumicino airport and must reach Florence city center, the buses of Fiumicino Express are a guarantee of reliability, comfort, and convenience all this while ensuring major economic savings compared to other solutions, such as the car. In fact, the parking facilities of Rome Fiumicino airport have really expensive fees while the prices of the bus tickets of Fiumicino Express start from as little as 5.00 euros per ticket ensuring a significant convenience. No parking costs and arrival directly in Florence city center from the Fiumicino airport. Even the number of the daily services is considerable, in fact, we are talking about as many as 6 daily services between Rome Fiumicino airport and Florence city center. Purchasing the tickets and having all the detailed information about the services schedule between Rome and Florence is simple, in fact, it is enough to visit the Fiumicino Express official website or contact the selected travel agencies.