Naples is a beautiful city where you can sip the best coffee in the world holding a babà in one hand and a “sfogliatella” in the other. You can stroll in Naples with the proverbial sun right in front of you. Naples is magical and hard to leave behind.

But let’s suppose that one wants to have a short break in a European city, or visit a relative who moved to America. We’ll most likely discover that there is a big problem. Not all the planes depart from Naples. At this point, we could broaden our horizons even before the departure discovering, in this way, that the plane we like, the one with the right ticket price that flies to our destination departs from Rome Fiumicino.

So, our thoughts move on the nighttime departure, on the car that would need a small performance revision before the voyage, on the boredom of having to stick to the driving wheel for more than two hours.

Or we could take the train but a dark thought arises: how do we reach the airport from the Termini Station? And how much it costs the train from Naples to Rome? And here is how the merry idea of a short or long voyage risks to transform into a hassle.

But we could find out, with such a great relief, that there is another transportation means that could take us from our “Bella Napoli” to Rome Fiumicino airport: the bus. In fact, there is a comfortable daily service from Naples to Rome Fiumicino operated by Fiumicino Express.

The buses of Fiumicino Express are the only ones that operate non-stop between Naples and Fiumicino. Another great news is that the bus will take you directly to Fiumicino Terminal 3, one of the busiest, without undergoing bus changes or other inconveniences. If, after reading this information, you are still thinking about getting to Rome Fiumicino by car, know that the airport parking fees are definitely expensive. Instead, the buses of Fiumicino Express will take you from Naples city center to the departure terminal at fees that start from only 5.00 euros. You’ll also be able to choose the most convenient from as much as 6 daily services.

You can book your bus from Naples to Rome Fiumicino directly on the official website Fiumicino Express or in the selected travel agencies.