Today, going from Florence to Naples is definitely more comfortable. In fact, the bus links of Fiumicino Express guarantee daily services between the two cities on the board of second generation buses.

There are many pluses designed by the company for the customers to make them travel in comfort but, in the same time, with attention to the budget. All the fleet’s buses have a spacious passengers area, on the top of the category. Besides, the customers will be able to better enjoy the voyage, traveling on ergonomic seats and taking advantage of the large luggage compartment, designed to accommodate oversized suitcases.

The customers will be welcomed by professional drivers, that will pay attention to the needs of each customer.

On board is possible to use the completely free Wi-Fi and, in the case of smartphones or tabs that ran out of battery, you can count on the complementary power outlets.

Obviously, safety is also one of Fiumicino Express’ priorities, and all the buses in the fleet are equipped with safety distance keeping to the front vehicle (ABA) together with lateral distance to the lines of the lane and reinforced front (SPA). The buses that link Florence to Naples are also equipped with BlueEfficiency engines, engines that respect the Euro VI exhaust gas regulations with reduced CO2 emissions by 85%.

Comfort, convenience, safety and attention to the environment. These are the fundamental aspects for Fiumicino Express, elements that can be seen in their buses.

There are as many as 6 daily services that guarantee optimal connections between Florence city center and Naples city center with a first bus at 4.00 AM and the last at 11.30 PM, buses that ensure an almost continuative service in the 24 hours.

Efficiency and comfort at a low-cost price.

In fact, the bus tickets have costs that start from 5.00 euros per person guaranteeing in this way a major saving compared to other transportation means such as the train or car. Considering traveling by car between Florence and Naples, you should also consider, in addition to the gas cost and highway toll, the parking fee that, frequently, raises the established budget.

For detailed information on the schedule or to purchase tickets from Florence to Naples you just have to visit the Fiumicino Express official website or contact a selected travel agency.